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Ceramsite Production Line

Ceramsite Production Line

Production Capacity:70-5,000 t/d

Raw Materials:Clay, mudstone, slate, gangue, coal ash, shale, sludge and industrial solid waste.

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This product is not produced any more

Ceramsite production line is also called LECA production line and light aggregate plant, which is mainly composed of belt conveyor, feeder, granulating machine, rotary kiln, cooling machine, ball mill, dust chamber, draught fan and pulverized coal injection system. It uses clay, slate, shale, coal gangue and industrial solid waste as raw materials sinter into ceramic product- ceramic sand.

Light Aggregate Plant

The Usage of Ceramsite Sand:

Ceramsite sand is the alternative material of low and medium strength proppant such as natural quartz sand, glass balls and metal balls, which is mainly used as the underground support of the oil field to increase the yield of oil and gas. Ceramsite sand can be widely used in building materials industry, gardening, food and beverage, fireproof, insulation materials industry, chemical industry, oil and other departments.

Classification of Ceramsite Production Line

According to different raw materials, ceramsite production line can be divided into shale ceramsite production line, coal ash ceramsite production line, sludge ceramsite production line, clay ceramsite production line and so on; according to different usages of ceramic sand, it can be divided into construction ceramsite production line and petroleum ceramsite production line.

Process Flow of Ceramsite Production Line

Ceramsite production line process can be summarized as: crushing→ proportioning→ grinding→ ball making→ calcination→ pulverized coal preparation→ finished product cooling→ screening →packaging, etc.

Ceramsite Production Line